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    proffesional cleaning • hight quality products for cleaning • verified workers • resonable prices

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  • Office cleaning charts
    The most convenient cleaning hours are specified in advance. In pre-established time our cleaning employee comes and cleans his workplace without disturbing the office staff.

  • Offices Cleaning of any area
    We quickly and professionally clean the dust, take out the trash from a small office or a much wider workspace.

  • Careful treatment of technical office equipment
    We use specialized and safe products for cleaning office equipment

  • Cleaning offices in San José and surroundings
    The service of cleaning offices in San Jose, Alajuela, Heredia, Escazu, Santa Ana etc.

  • Clean Office - good image of any company
    Clean environment for negotiations with your customers and partners. Office ordered help for good impression and positive perception of your company

About office cleaning:

✓ Office cleaning for just one time
we will clean your office at the right time for you quickly and efficiently

✓ Offer office cleaning packages
We offer incredible cleaning packages for your office with 20% discussion.

✓ Office cleaning after repair or construction
Office cleaning after repair or construction usually requires extra effort and special equipment. We recommend inviting a representative of our company in advance to calculate cleaning costs.